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Healthcare Guide online, 1177.se, is Sweden's national hub for advice, information, inspiration and e-services for health and healthcare. The general public can use the e-services to contact the healthcare services, request, cancel, or reschedule appointments or refill prescriptions. All information transfer is protected (encrypted) and meets public health system standards for security and confidentiality.

The core of the e-services system is a workflow system for highly accessible and secure communication between patients and medical professionals via the Internet. The online services can be used 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

The e-services for sending messages and requests to healthcare services are called "1177 Vårdguidens e-tjänster" ("e-services at Healthcare Guide 1177"). The system where medical professionals log in to answer those messages is called "Mina vårdkontakter" ("My health care contacts"). The e-services system, both the public interface as well as the medical professionals interface, is only available in Swedish.


The e-services can be used to:

  • Make a doctor's appointment.
  • Change or cancel an appointment. 
  • Renew a prescription.
  • Renew a certificate of illness.
  • Obtain an extract from a patient record.
  • Obtain medical advice from nurses and psychologists/psychiatrists.
  • Change a family doctor.

Highly accessible

The e-services make it possible for patients contact their primary or secondary care units in the connected regions whenever they want. The e-services should be seen as a complement to other ways for the patient to communicate with the health care system.

Furthermore, the system is a support tool for medical professionals helping them to change the load of their administrative work and make it more efficient.



Personal information must be handled according to legislation regarding all health care, in terms of integrity, secrecy and security, documentation and archiving.


  • All messages are transmitted encrypted.
  • Registration: social security number, password sent by registered letter – or instantly via an accepted electronic ID certificate.
  • Patients are authenticated in the citizen database of social security numbers (+ names and official address).
  • Medical personnel are authenticated in the County council electronic catalogue.


  1. The patient logs into the system.
  2. The patient writes a message – in the patient’s database – on a form designed by medical professionals, so that the receiver will have all necessary information.
  3. The message is sent encrypted to the care unit’s database.
  4. The care unit is notified by an e-mail that there is a message.
  5. The care unit message administrator logs into the system.
  6. The message is read and distributed to the right doctor/nurse (within the firewalls).
  7. The doctor/nurse writes the answer.
  8. The doctor/nurse sends the answer encrypted to the patient’s database.
  9. The patient is notified by an e-mail that there is a message.
  10. The patient logs into the system and picks up her/his message.

Other functions

  • The care unit message administrator can take a message back and send it to another doctor/nurse (if the first chosen one is on leave).
  • The care unit message administrator can check that messages have been answered.
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